The Bible tells a story of redemption. It argues that the unity of the faith is only ever grounded in Truth (Eph. 4:3-6). Even further, that Truth is found in The Bible and centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and in those things is our source of unity and fellowship with other people (1 John 1:1-4). Because of sin, all men and women are forever separated from God, and through Jesus Christ's death on the cross, we can have a restored relationship with God. Salvation comes from believing and accepting Christ's death on the cross as the penalty for the sins each and everyone of us carries. Faith Bible Church holds tight to these Truths that serve as the foundation of our Christian faith! And subsequently, inform each gathering, decision, evangelizing and disciple-making mission we do.

We believe that the church is to be led by biblically qualified Elders, who are assisted in service by biblically qualified deacons. Properly appointed Elders are the pastors and shepherds of the church and are selected on the basis of character, calling, and spiritual giftedness. 

Each Sunday, we gather together as a unique body that includes multi-generational attendees; young families, children and youth, singles, widows and widowers, empty nesters, and those with differing needs. We open the inerrant Word of God, which is complete and for all men and women throughout all of time and we corporately sing praises and encourage one another through prayer, fellowship, and teaching. We hold our time of corporate worship as an essential part of the Christian's life by gathering together to exalt Christ and edify, teach, and equip the believer (Acts 2:42). Seven priorities drive our Sunday morning worship: 

  • We focus on public proclamation of God's Word through teaching

  • Corporately sing the Truth of God's Word

  • Read Scripture to hear the Word of God publicaly

  • Devote and commit time to the Ordinances of Scripture (Baptism & Communion)

  • Spend time in corporate prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, & supplication

  • Encourage one another through public testimonies of the Gospel and the impact of God's Word 

  • Cast vision on the commitment to the leading of God's Word - ways to engage, serve, learn, and teach

The believer is strengthened and held accountable by coming together in groups and engaging in the One-Anothers of Scripture (FAITHLIFE). We want to see all believers living out the command of "going into all the world" by sharing the Gospel with the lost (Acts 1:8).  We focus our mission's efforts on planting and establishing churches in areas of spiritual need. As a sending church, we seek to bring awareness to the church body of the Biblical basis for missions, the continuing need for the Gospel to reach specific peoples, and each member’s individual role in obeying Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.

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