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Sundays at Faith Bible Church

Sundays at Faith Bible Church

Interested in joining us on Sunday? We'd love to have you!

New to Faith Bible Church?

Faith 101 Class
Meets in Room 1—November 24, 9:00am

If you’d like to know more about us and opportunities to connect, find the next step at our upcoming Faith 101 class. We’ll help you find community by answering questions like “Where do I go next?” and “What is Faith Bible Church all about?" 

Other Opportunities

Practical Advice for Everyday Living: A Topical Study on the Book of Proverbs 
Fellowship Hall, 9:00-10:15am

Join us as we study a collection of studies such as Fruit of the Spirit, Reflections of the Heart, Out of the Mouth, Ears that Hear, Leadership 101, Discipline – Correction – Rebukes, Money Matters, and much more. Join us whenever you are able!

Getting to Know the God of the Bible: God Revealed Cover to Cover
September 22 - December 1, Fellowship Hall, 10:30am

The Bible reveals what God is “like”, what He has done, and what He is still doing. We’ll pull together important biblical truths about God and ask; “So, what does this mean to me?”  We will gain a greater sense of God’s majesty and experience greater joy as we better understand His Word. How can I be “like” Him unless I know what He is “like”?.

This class is designed to go as deep as individual attendees wish. If a good theology resource is not easily accessible, it is recommended (not required) that the attendee obtain: Charles C. Ryrie, Basic Theology, A Popular Systematic Guide to Understanding Biblical Truth (Chicago, IL. Moody Publishers, 1986, 1999).  

Wellspring: A Class for Women
Fellowship Hall, 10:30am

Join us in the Fellowship Hall for Getting to Know the God of the Bible (see above) for the remainder of the semester.

To find out more about our other groups, please see our Faithlife page.