We strive to grow individually and corporately through regular gatherings, being actively involved in one another's lives, so as to encourage each other in reaching their square mile for Jesus at school, at work, and in the many neighborhoods in which Faith Family members live. These convictions are reflected in the Biblical teaching that we receive from our pulpit in the Gatherings as well as in our numerous small group assemblies

A few of the key non-negotiable doctrinal truths which serve as the foundation of our Christian faith include our commitment that the Scriptures are inerrant, that because of sin all men and women are forever alienated from God, that our God has graciously chosen to save some through Christ's death on the cross, and that at the moment of salvation the Holy Spirit indwells the believer and that person is eternally saved without the threat of losing their salvation.

We also believe that there is both an immediate and ongoing change in an individual who has trusted Christ as their personal Savior—that what they do and say will be affected by this decision, that their priorities will change—that they will long to share Jesus with their friends, family, and other people with whom they have frequent contact—that they will regularly fellowship with other believers—and that they will become involved in and serve in their local church.

Want to Know More?

For those wanting to know more about what we believe as a church, the elders have published a document that goes into more detail. It is an overview of the beliefs of Faith Bible Church and is not intended to be a comprehensive defense of every church doctrine. View our Statement of Faith.