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Archives for September 2014

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Faithnotes: September 26, 2014

Shine On! Matthew 5:13-16 Total black out. Can't see one thing. Put your hand a couple of inches in front of your facenothing! There is nothing quite as unsettling as being in absolute, total darkness. When you have followed your guide down into the bowls of the mountain, they shut off the lights in Wind Cave. And it is TOTAL black out! It's difficult to comprehend the ...

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Faithnotes: September 19, 2014

BE-attitudes: Part 2 Matthew 5:3-12 Living out the Sermon on the Mount can be costly, just ask the guy with the bloodstained donkey saddle! Preachers have to preach sermons. They must begin on Sunday evenings reading the scriptures, noting the settings and the contexts, noticing the unique details and narrative twists. They have to start the preparation process early be...

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Faithnotes: September 12, 2014

BE-attitudes Matthew 5:3-12 It's really not what you DO that gets you in trouble. It's what you ARE. Spiritually bankrupt and recognizing it Grieved by personal sin and hating it Humble view of self and embracing it Passionate for righteousness and pursuing it Feeling the need of others and meeting it Authentic in motive and showing it Seeing a broken relationship and ...

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Faithnotes: September 5, 2014

Jesus Chose WHO?!? Suddenly, by a simple act of faith, the dreaded traitor becomes a new man with a new name and representative of a new and welcome message! The very word floods your world with breath-robbing anxiety. As soon as it is stated, you find yourself feeling guilty and defeated. You immediately shift into fighting mode and begin to defend your character! For...

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