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Simply Jesus


Reading Plan

 Week 1: Jan 10, 2021
  • Matthew 1-2
  • Luke 1-2
  • John 1:1-18
Week 2: Jan 17, 2021
  • Matthew 3-4
  • Matthew 12:1-32
  • Mark 1-3
  • Luke 3-6
  • John 1:19-51
  • John 2-5
Week 3: Jan 24, 2021
  • Matthew 5-7
Week 4: Jan 31, 2021
  • Matthew 8:1-13
  • Matthew 11
  • Matthew 12:33-50
  • Luke 7
  • Luke 8:19-21
  • Luke 11
Week 5: Feb 7, 2021
  • Matthew 8:14-10:42
  • Matthew 13
  • Mark 4-5
  • Luke 8:1-18
  • Luke 8:22-56
Week 6: Feb 14, 2021
  • Matthew 14:1-15:31
  • Mark 6-7
  • Luke 9:1-17
  • John 6
Week 7: Feb 21, 2021
  • Matthew 15:32-18:9
  • Mark 8-9
  • Luke 9:18-62
Week 8: Feb 28, 2021
  • Matthew 18:10-35
  • Luke 10:1-12:12
  • John 7-10
Week 9: Mar 7, 2021
  • Matthew 19-20
  • Mark 10
  • Luke 12:13-19:27
Week 10: Mar 14, 2021
  • Matthew 21-25
  • Mark 11-13
  • Luke 19:28-21:38
  • John 11:1-13:17
Week 11: Mar 21, 2021
  • Matthew 26:1-16
  • Mark 14:1-14
  • Luke 22:1-46
  • John 13:18-17:26
Week 12: Mar 28, 2021
  • Matthew 26:47-28:20
  • Mark 14:43-16:20
  • Luke 22:47-24:53
  • John 18:40-21:25

Welcome to Simply Jesus…

From Garden to Garden we have followed the markers which continually pointed us to Jesus. Now, with 2020 hindsight, the Old Testament shadows have become the SONshine of the New. The types and symbols have found their substance. Prophecies have become fulfillment as the complex puzzle of Old Testament portraits and promises have found their full reality.

A former “traitor” to his own people, a man who had sometime ago abandoned the faith of his childhood days, discovers that a Nazarene teacher is actually the promised coming King. An exuberant youth enthusiastically records the memoirs of the impetuous follower who knew Him up close and personal. A medical professional meticulously researches and confirms the amazing stories of miraculous works and affirms that this Jesus of Nazareth is, in fact, the promised One. Finally, with a lawyer’s wit, the “one whom Jesus loved” builds an irrefutable defense of the Divine nature of the man from Galilee.

For the next 12 weeks, Pastor Tom will lead us on a visit to the people and places where Jesus walked as, together, we read the four biographies of the works and words of the Christ. While we hope you are able to begin the journey with us, you are always welcome to join us at any point. We will be journaling along the way so you can always catch up on what you may have missed. This page contains all of the resources from each week… the journal of “Simply Jesus.”

Once again we begin with Psalm 19, one of the great texts of Scripture on the power and authority of God’s Word. David declared that there is nobody on the face of the earth that does not know that God exists. But you cannot know God solely on the basis of His revelation in nature. It takes special revelation which he speaks of beginning in Psalm 19:7. David tells us that God’s Word:

  • Draws back from sin’s downward pull
  • Equips the susceptible
  • Creates authentic gladness
  • Enables seeing the eternal
  • Proves steady and unchanging
  • Images God’s character

 What’s the objective of our reading through the Gospels?

“We believe the Bible, consisting of both Old and New Testaments, to be the inerrant Word of God. Every word of the original manuscripts having been breathed by God Himself and written by men moved by the Holy Spirit and spoken from God. As God’s completed revelation, the Scriptures are fully sufficient as our ultimate authority for faith and practice.” - from Faith Bible Church's Statement of Faith

Having spent the past year studying the lives of key individuals to whom and thru whom the Lord God progressively revealed Himself, His will, His ways, His purposes, we now pause to examine the One of whom they spoke. In Jesus of Nazareth we will find that all the principles, portraits and promises of the coming Christ have been fulfilled.

We will encourage members to become actively involved in reading the Bible, as individuals, as families, as small groups assembled for such a purpose. We will seek to make doable and delightful what every believer already is convicted that they SHOULD be doing but either don’t know how, or don’t understand, or just don’t have the motivation. To assist in this, we will provide a “harmony of the gospels” reading plan which, if followed week by week, will bring us through the four gospels by Easter Sunday.

It has been said that, “Until you have found something for which you are willing to die, you have not yet found your reason to live.” Our prayer is that in our shared study of “Simply Jesus” you will have found your reason to live!