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The Senior Pastor at Faith Bible Church has responsibility for the spiritual health of individual church members and the congregation as a whole through biblically sound preaching, discipleship, and exemplifying godly character.  He will demonstrate a high level of competency and excellence in the study of the scriptures, church leadership and organization, and equipping the church to be disciples.  His duties are to be performed in full support of the Faith Bible Church ministry objectives established by FBC Elders.  The Senior Pastor is responsible for Biblical teaching and spiritual care, shepherding the body, and the maturing and equipping of leaders.  He is an active member of the Elder Council and the Leadership Team (which includes the Senior Pastor, the Body Life Pastor, and the Administrative Director), and he participates in those commitments as scheduled. All responsibilities performed are required to be consistent with Biblical standards. The Senior Pastor represents the values and policies of Faith Bible Church at all times and places, whether performing professional duties or engaged in personal activities.

Organizational Information:

Accountable to: The Elder Council (the Lay Elders oversee any HR function)
Managerial Oversight:  Has direct oversight of the pastoral team and shares input into the staff activities through the Leadership Team.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Senior Pastor’s responsibilities for preaching, teaching, prayer, development and communication of church vision and direction, and the mentoring and equipping of the Elders and Pastors will be performed per these definitions: 
  • Preaching Provide solid, healthy Bible teaching as led by the Spirit for the congregation through regular preaching and teaching in public gatherings.  This responsibility is of high importance and priority and any other activity or expectation must yield to the preparation for and delivery of well-prepared messages from the Word.  The Senior Pastor should periodically review upcoming preaching plans with the Elders for feedback and input.
  • Teaching:  Along with the Elders, affirm the Biblical curriculum of all areas of spiritual instruction for the church. 
  • Prayer:  Be devoted to prayer for those whom he and others are shepherding in a manner that models a total dependence upon God.
  • Vision:  Participate in the development and articulation of the vision and direction of the church via prayer, study, and the exchange and refinement of ideas with others (specifically the Elders, Leadership Team, and Pastors).
  • Mentoring and Equipping: Lead, mentor, equip, and encourage the Elders and Pastors of the church to develop strong church leadership.
  • Evangelism: Practice personal evangelism and ensure the church is challenged and equipped to be obedient to the Great Commission.
  • Other Duties:  Conduct premarital mentoring, weddings, and memorial services as needed.
He will participate as an active member of the Leadership Team along with the Body Life Pastor and the Administrative Director. The focus of the Leadership Team will be to bring coordination, clarity, and collaboration to all ministry areas of the church in accordance with the mission and vision of Faith Bible Church as approved by the Elders. The Leadership Team is also responsible for identifying and implementing strategies and tactics purposed to accomplish the mission and vision. Through the refinement of direction and structure, this team leads the church to reach, mature, and equip the greatest number for His greatest glory. The Leadership Team will regularly present the status of plans and activities to the Elders for validation and approval.


A candidate for the position of Faith Bible Church Senior Pastor should possess the following:
  • A relevant post-graduate degree such as a Master of Divinity is highly preferred.
  • A minimum of 5 years of full-time ministry experience as a church staff member.  
  • If there is not a relevant postgraduate degree such as a Master of Divinity, then 12 years of full time ministry experience will be required.  
  • 3 years of pulpit teaching experience is preferred.
  • Personal testimony of salvation by faith alone
  • Clear call to pastoral ministry
  • Abilities, gifts, and behaviors consistent with Biblical requirements for an Elder
  • Observable in-depth knowledge of Scripture and Christian doctrine
  • Alignment with Faith Bible Church Statement of Faith
  • Proven preaching and teaching skills
  • Leader with an ability to create and articulate vision
  • Demonstrable ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral form 

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