Untitled design-3Jesus told stories. Almost everyone, it seems, is aware of this fact. Most Christians are able to recount a strong handful of the narratives Jesus spun. Even many non-Chrisitians have a working knowledge of the more famous stories like the Prodigal Son or the one about a Good Samaritan. But, how far does that knowledge go? Even among Christians, do we really understand why Jesus told these stories? How able are we to read and interpret them? Futher, has the point of Jesus' stories made its life-changing mark in us?

These questions will be answered and more this February 24-25. Together, we will learn more about how to read and understand Jesus' stories and hear them explained in a concentrated experience. 

Please register by February 17th for this two-day conference where you can go deeper in your knowledge of God's Word! 



5:45 PM | DINNER
6:45 PM | Introduction & Worship
7:00 PM | Session 1
8:00 PM | Session 2
9:00 AM | Session 3
10:10 AM – 11:00 AM | Session 4: Sermon Shorts Round 1
11:10 AM – 12:00 PM | Session 5: Sermon Shorts Round 2
12:00 Noon | LUNCH
1:00 PM | Session 6