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Our History

In the beginning of 1993, several families were led by the Lord to establish a new Bible teaching church in Lincoln. Though our city was home to many excellent local fellowships, it became a consensus conviction of key men that it was, in fact, the Spirit of God who was prodding this step of Faith.

On the 25th of April, 1993 the first service was held in the basement lecture hall of the main administration building at Union College. Over 170 individuals found limited parking and made their way down the service ramp and past the greasy dumpster into a soiled hallway which opened into a 200 plus seat lecture hall. 

Later we moved our congregational worship services from Union College to Lincoln Christian's "Sanctinasium" and held services there until finally arriving at our present location on the corner of 84th and Cheney Ridge Road. All the while the Lord has continued to add to His church. We continue to be passionate about the Lord and intentionally committed to taking His Word seriously in all our acts of worship and service.