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Who Calls? Who Sends? Who Goes?

Acts 13-14

“I just wish I could know what the will of God is!”
“If only God had a Twitter feed…I would know what His will for me is.”
“Why can’t God simply send me an e-mail telling me what He wants me to do?”
“I’m looking for an Apostle Peter sort of vision, then I would KNOW what God’s will for me is!”

Four keys to finding God’s will:
“While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said…”

  • “While THEY…” means doing life in community. The will of God is clearest revealed to those who are actively participating in a community of Christian brothers and sisters.
  • “While they were WORSHIPPING the Lord…” means putting the glory of the Christ at the center of their gatherings—celebrating the glory and goodness of Jesus.
  • “While they were worshipping the Lord and FASTING…” means hearing the voice of the Spirit was more important than any other thing—giving up normal needs and desires to focus on the greatest desire, His will and leading.
  • “While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting the Holy Spirit SAID…” means they each had a conviction of heart that the soft voice of the Spirit of God had directed—the wisdom of seeking the Lord in the counsel of many.

“I just wish that…I could know God’s will for my life!”

  • Just be faithfully ministering with others.
  • Just be seeking the glory of Christ above all other things.
  • Just be setting the leading of the Lord as your greater priority.
  • Just be willing to let God act when God DOES speak.

“So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit (with the confirmation of Christian leaders), they went…”
I had a request to assist in identifying a “church planting pastor” for a new ministry opportunity in my “old stomping grounds.” As soon as I heard the description of the man they were seeking, I knew who I needed to contact. I sent a private message to the brother who has prepared and anxiously waited for his opportunity to do just such a ministry. After an initial enthusiastic response, within the day I received a note back from him stating, “Thanks for thinking of us. But we are not interested in moving to a place like that. If you hear of other open doors…” ☹

And the fifth key to finding God's will is:

  • God clearly reveals His will to those who have already determined that WHEN He speaks, whatever He directs, they will do! Found: God's Will!

See you Sunday, Church!
Pastor Tom