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What We're Into

At Faith Bible Church we are radically committed to “bringing all to maturity in Christ Jesus” which means we are radically devoted to the ministry of the Word in age/stage appropriate delivery and with the personal touch of one who cares!

No one is born into the world as a fully-grown and mature adult. Everyone must begin life as a helpless, defenseless, and dependent individual. Someone must take responsibility for all their needs…for awhile. Feeding, changing their soiled diapers, holding their hands while they learn to stand up, catching them when they start to fall in their first steps toward independence. Wiping the tears that spontaneously appear at a moment of disappointment or in reaction to an unexpected pain. Babies come into the world full of hope and potential. But they arrive as babies, and babies are lots of work—until they have begun to grow.

Peter wrote that spiritual babies arrive with “dirty pants”—packing malice and guile and hypocrisy and envy and slander (1 Peter 2:1), desperately needing someone to clean them up. And they come hungry! If there is one thing more predictable than the reality that a baby is going to get messy, it’s that babies are going to be hungry! And they will make it very clear to everyone within their sphere that they want to be fed—NOW!

So how do we help spiritual infants move forward to maturity? What “wet-wipes” do we reach for to clean them up? What formula do we supply to feed their hungry souls? “Like newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the Word, that by it you may grow…” 1 Peter 1:2

To clean up a soiled spiritual baby we must “wash them” by the hearing and application of the Word. To feed a growing spiritual infant, we must bring to them an age/stage appropriate diet of the “milk of the Word.”

That’s why we love to say, “Bible is our middle name!” It is the power of the Word to convict the sinner of their need for a Savior and bring to them the faith to believe that Jesus the Christ is their hope. It is also the power of this same Word that is able to clean up the mess one has made of a life and provide all that is needed for progressive spiritual growth. “Seeing that His divine power has granted us EVERYTHING pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.” 2 Peter 1:3

To learn is to know—to know is to love—to love is to live—to live is to grow.

Had your bath today? Did you drink all of your milk?

See you Sunday, Church!
Pastor Tom