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What’s That You Say?

Acts 2:1-36

The “normal” Christian life is simply making much of Jesus.

We’ve made it a “mystical” sort of thing. We know it’s important, but we aren’t quite sure what it really is. We are pretty certain that we should “ask for it” but we don’t know exactly how to ask. Bottom line, the “filling of the Spirit” is a nice theological expression that finds literal practical application in most of our daily lives. But things ought NOT to be this way!

Some say it is seen in “ecstatic utterances.” Others say it is evident when you are nice to people you’d rather hate. And still others say it’s when you don’t blast your horn or yell at the dude sitting thru your green, or it’s a un-erasable smile when there is nothing to smile about. These and other similar concepts seek to define the “filling of the Spirit.”

So, what is it? How can I “get” it? If I do figure it out, how will I know I have it? Or should I even bother myself with such controversial matters?

Jesus lifts out the mystery of the “filling of the Spirit” by very simply declaring His “job-description” to the disciples. When a person or gathering of people is “filled with the Spirit” the simple evidence is this: they are speaking much of Jesus!

“When the Spirit of truth comes…He will glorify Me, for He will take what is Mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has is Mine, therefore I said that He will take what is Mine and declare it to you” John 16:14

The secret to living the “normal” Christian life is discovered in finding that, in the reality of the indwelling Holy Spirit—I have all of Jesus in me. And because I have all of Jesus, He then has all of me. And because He has all of me, I can have all that He is. I am “filled with the Spirit” when my speaking reveals an active and growing relationship with Him.

Again, the “normal” Christian life is simply making much of Jesus!

See you Sunday, Church!
Pastor Tom