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Update on Terry and Lorie Lingel



Terry and Lorie Lingel serve with International Gospel Ministries. They split their time between their home in Idaho and Mexico, where they bring the Gospel to lost people through evangelistic outreaches, supporting local pastors, and serving the poor.

As Terry and Lorie Lingel labor in God's harvest field, their time has been filled with both successes and setbacks.


On a positive note, Lingels have seen God bring in the harvest through improvement in both the physical and spiritual condition of the two women they were helping. Terry reports, “We finished building the two adobe houses and the two ladies are extremely happy to have them ready.” As a result of Lingels ministry, one lady is now sending her children to the church that Jorge pastors and she also plans to start attending! Often, the children's participation in church in one of the first steps that a family takes in coming to know Christ. Terry says, “The children were really excited to come and participate in the classes this week!” Additionally, Lingels have spent the last several weeks laying the groundwork for a new Bible club in these children's neighborhood. Several children are excited to begin attending once the club starts sometime this month.



Praise God for His work in these families' lives! As they celebrate their new homes, pray that they will come to know the only One who can provide them with an eternal home as well.



As God's kingdom expands, we are also reminded that it comes at a cost. Eric continues to remain in prison with no apparent progress on his case. Pastor Jorge was also in a car accident, which led to the temporary loss of his vehicle until he could pay for the damages to the car he hit.



Still, the opportunities to reach lost people with the rescue of the Gospel continues. As Jorge, Claudia, and the Lingels prepared for Easter outreaches, their little town of 4,000 people prepared to be inundated with an estimated 50,000 vacationers over the next two weeks. With the tourists comes increased violence: a predicted 25-30 people will be killed in those two weeks. Pray that as we celebrate the resurrection, Christ's light would shine on these people living in the shadow of death. Pray that as food and water are precious commodities to this city right now, the Mexican people would experience the living water that only Christ can give, the water that will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life (John 4:14).