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Out of Africa

She was helping us with a major decision and we began a conversation…
I asked, “Where are you from?”
“I’m from Africa,” she replied.
“I was in Kenya and Rwanda last month. Is that anywhere close to your home?”
“I’m from Uganda. It’s a smaller nation in Africa. I usually just say ‘I’m from Africa’ because most Americans think it is just one big country. But there are over fifty nations in Africa. I’m from Uganda in Africa!”

God is doing an amazing thing in the villages of numerous African nations. The pastors and the churches are proving to be a great blessing from the Lord for raising up the people of the nation. Through the faithful ministry of village pastors, entire communities are being transformed. New understanding of the implications of the gospel and the ways in which the Lord has designed for people to live well on the fruit of working and managing well is finding fertile soil in village after village. Believers are being trained to be faithful stewards of the gospel message AND the material blessings received from the Lord. As they develop godly attitudes and disciplines, they are supporting their churches, providing well for their households, and making it possible for others to find employment and support.

It all began when a young university graduate from Nairobi, himself once a child reared in a remote Kenyan village, now demonstrating ministry gifts and biblical understanding passions. His church leaders encouraged him to pursue further biblical training, raised the dollars to purchase him a ticket to America, and sent him with their blessing to study at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. After obtaining his Master’s Degree there, he continued his training at a School of Theology in California. With a world of opportunities open before him, his heart was continually burdened for the plight of his own people back home. So a decade ago, Martin Simiyu, trusting that his vision and burden was placed upon him by the Lord, he returned to Africa to begin equipping pastors in the many villages of his homeland.

This past January, I was blessed to see the fruit of Martin’s faithfulness up close and personal. Hundreds of villages are experiencing the blessing of committed, equipped, and faithful pastors today—not only in Kenya but also in Malawi. Over 100 pastors are waiting in Tanzania for the Lord to provide the opportunity for them to receive training even today. And now over 2/3s of the village of Rwanda have also been reached through the pastoral training ministries of Possibilities Africa!

“Here you think about states like Kansas and Iowa and Nebraska. That is what you consider to be ‘America.’ But where I come from, we are over fifty nations making up a very large part of the world called Africa!” And then she gave us great assistance with our purchase.

This Sunday morning we will have the blessing of hearing the Word of God from the heart of our faithful brother. Join me in welcoming to the Faith Bible Church pulpit this Sunday, Brother Martin Simiyu!

Out of Africa!
Pastor Tom