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Free Indeed!

"It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set you FREE!" Galatians 5 

Freedom is a luxury that is highly under-rated. The privilege of coming and going, planning and practicing, choosing and changing the mind, doing whatever is on your heart to do, and to execute your own plans with liberty—a luxury that is regrettably highly under-rated. Unless, of course, you have lived life without such blessing. It is those who have known the constraints and fears of servitude, of domination, of slavery to the whims of another—those are the ones who truly know how to celebrate their FREEDOM!

Regrettably, the most enslaved of all people are not those who fear earthly dictators and cruel despots or the prison bars of restraint. No, the most enslaved of all are those who have convinced themselves that they are truly FREE. They believe they are “master of their own fate” and reign as lord of their own destiny. While all the time they are simply pawns in the hands of a cruel master. Their father, the devil, controls their every thought, manipulates their every move, strategizes their every disaster. So blind are they to their bondage to sin, they have convinced themselves they are FREE!

To these Jesus says, “If the Son therefore has set you FREE, you will be FREE indeed!” John 8
True freedom is not the right to vote, the liberty to chart a vocational path for your life, the option of joining others in gatherings for worship. No, true freedom is discovering that the nails that pinned Jesus to the cross are the keys that unlocked the chains of sin from our souls. FREEDOM is the liberty of being tempted by sin and having the liberty to say “no.” In that we are FREE indeed!

So, “IF the Son therefore has set you FREE, you WILL be FREE indeed!”

Happy 4th of July, Church!
Pastor Tom