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Archives for October 2016

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The Manna of God

John 6 | 101 Ways to Serve Manna would have been the #1 bestseller on their Amazon website. For breakfast. For lunch. For dinner. For bedtime snacks. Manna morning, noon, and night!...

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With Jesus in the Storm

John 6:16-21 They did not see it coming. It was but a short boat ride on moon-lit calm waters. A long day first meant to be a mini-vacation turned into a meal to be served to 1000s. Now finally they would be able to relax in familiar settings. Rowing was second nature to most of them and mindless activity. So they would spend the hour or so discussing what had just happen...

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Bread for 1,000s

John 6 | The Lord often, in kindness and grace, allows us to “do without” so that we might learn again what it is that we cannot do without! Like EVERY good parent, he wanted to reinforce the lessons his children had been taught in Sunday School that day. So as they drove toward home, my son asked his son, “So, Ian, what is the one thing man cannot live without?” S...

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Lord of the Sabbath

John 5 | It’s not the happy people who are thankful…it is the thankful people who are happy! In the first of John’s supporting signs, the presenting “need” or opportunity was brought to Jesus’ attention by a mother...

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