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Archives for August 2015

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Hebrews 10:23-25 | At lunch with several other pastor friends yesterday, a repeated theme of concern was heard: “I’m sorry that we haven’t been in church more consistently of late, Pastor, but we have kind of decided to move our membership to a place where we just feel a little bit more comfortable. We just haven’t felt ‘connected’ so much of late and thought t...

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It Really IS All About Me!

John 5:39 | It is far too easy to read the Bible in the wrong way. I was a classic mid-20th century Pharisee. Ouch! I hate to even type that—but the truth is the truth. My family tree was a legacy of Jesus-followers. Our expressions of faith varied from generation to generation and, depending on which side of the family line you were looking, there were certainly some ra...

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Nehemiah: Faith Rejoices

Nehemiah 12:43 | It opens with a hi-ranking dignitary sliding deeper and deeper into a pit of despair. It closes with an irrepressible celebration that echoes internationally. But in between were great valleys, mountains of discouragement, blood, sweat, tears, conflicts, and all other manner of trials....

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Uzziah: Faith Humbles

2 Chronicles 26/Isaiah 6 | Prosperity not poverty may be the greatest challenge to your faith! As we rise from “no-thing” and “no-body” to begin accumulating stuff and receiving awards and accolades, it becomes a great challenge to maintain a genuine spirit of humility. Pride is both the first and the final expression of the depravity of our hearts....

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