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Archives for January 2015

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Of Dogs, Pigs, Pearls, and Judgmentalism

Matthew 7:1-6 | He became the poster boy for “foot-in-mouth” disease! Here's how it all unfolded. His “pastor” made an appointment to visit him in his home. Getting into the schedule of such a busy man was no simple task, but apparently the request made to the executive’s secretary convinced him/her that this was an important matter. So, understanding both the t...

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Anxiety Attack(ed)

Matthew 6:25-34 | “Mom, it really doesn’t matter. I will just die and they will put my stuff in a box and someone will buy it for a quarter!” Jesus warned about three things that, if not monitored carefully, will choke out one’s spiritual passion. Matthew 13 unfolds the story of a farmer who plants his crop in the ancient manner of just “casting the seed” and l...

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From Forgiven to Forgiving

Matthew 6:9-14 | He did not “forgive and forget.” Somewhere along the line we have gotten this “impression” or even been “taught” that when we forgive an offense we forget the action that caused the injury. Yet, even when we have truly “forgiven” we often find that the memory of the pain remains....

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Parental Pride…In a Godly Sort of Way

It is a rare blessing to witness the testimony of a “seasoned saint”, and especially one who has already celebrated his 80th birthday. Who can forget the joy of the baptism of Howard Pool as he declared his trust in the Savior and expressed his desire to set the example for his children and grandchildren to follow—and then to hear Howard declare that he had long pray...

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