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Archives for August 2014

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Faithnotes: August 29, 2014

Don't Waste Your Work Colossians 3:23-4:1 Three indicators that I am spending my time at work rather than investing my work. 1. When getting more stuff is what motivates me to get up and go.2. When I can't wait for closing time so I can get away from my associates.3. When my mental calendar reflexively calculates the days till I am free to just play more rounds or gathe...

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Faithnotes: August 22, 2014

No Free Lunches! "There are no free lunches!" These pointed words of life-preparatory advice have echoed down through many generations as parents seek to motivate youngsters, employers seek to stimulate employees, and professors seek to educate learners. "There are no free lunches!" Butthat has not ALWAYS been the case. I'll bet that after a while, even the simple task o...

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Faithnotes: August 15, 2014

Great News for Great Sinners "On one end you walk in a quiet and undisturbed glorious garden, fresh as life with its pure and endless stream flowing through its center. At the other end, you revel in an alive and energized city with an impeccable river-sustained garden around which it is built. But in between, you struggle to stay focused as you slug your way through a ...

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