February 16, 2024

6:30pm – 8:30pm

church movie night image
Join the Faith Family for a church-wide movie night. The FBC Missions Council brings you a story from India. This evening is great for your FAITHLIFE group to attend and learn about ways you can be praying for the work God is doing around the globe. Light refreshments provided.
Dispatches from the Front continues in India, where, beyond its storied past, brilliant colors, and puzzling diversity, are the sorrows of caste and the shadows of prison walls where millions live in chains to gods of their own making. See this land of stark contrast, from the squalor of an Untouchables' encampment to the dazzling symmetry of the Taj Mahal. Go inside India's Temple of Doom, and take a boat on the Ganges to the holiest city of Hinduism, where pilgrims in vain wash away their sins in its muddy waters. Travel to a secret baptismal service and gather with believers by lamplight as they rejoice over Jesus and the fellowship of His sufferings. Souls of the Brave is extraordinary love and extraordinary sacrifice as believers take up their cross, follow Christ, and never look back.