The Administrative Pastor position at Faith Bible Church has a dual focus with responsibilities both in pastoral shepherding and managing teams and daily operations.  It is anticipated that about 60-70 percent of his time will be spent on pastoral opportunities, and the remainder on operations activities.  He must be an elder-qualified man as defined by scripture (Titus 1).
He is a member of the Elder Council and serves on the Leadership Team with the Teaching Pastor and Body Life Pastor. He is a faithful steward of God's ministry and fully dedicated to prayer for both believers and the lost.  He is personally active in the equipping of the saints to do the work of the church.  He is an effective and bold teacher of the Word publicly in corporate worship gatherings, in small group settings, and one-on-one.  He is willing and able to both encourage and reprove the body based on the Word.  The Administrative Pastor engages with other ministry leaders to provide member care for those with spiritual, physical, or emotional needs. He actively seeks the wisdom of other mature believers, is an encourager of new believers, and mentors those who may someday be called to formal ministry roles. He is a guardian of the truths of the Word and a staunch opponent of false doctrines and false teaching.
As the primary overseer of operations and administration at the church, the Administrative Pastor must have the gift to team lead the managing responsibility for financial stewardship, facility and grounds, Human Resources, ministry leaders, and administrative staff.
Organizational Information:

Position Title: Administrative Pastor
Reports to:  To the Elder Council for position expectations, reviews, assignments, and responsibilities.
Managerial & Supervisory Oversight: The Administrative Pastor has direct responsibility for the paid staff designated by the Elder Council, and general oversight of volunteer and contractor relationships.
Schedule & Ministry Engagement:  The base workweek will be 40 hours.  However, the position is a key leadership role and duties will regularly require time beyond predictable office hours. He is expected to be a regular participant in church bodylife.
General Accountability:  It is essential that the Administrative Pastor performs all duties in a way consistent with Biblical standards, and that he represents the values and policies of Faith Bible Church and places, whether performing professional duties or engaging in personal activities. 

A candidate for the position of Faith Bible Church Administrative Pastor should possess the following:

  • In-depth Bible knowledge and Bible teaching experience as evidenced by a relevant completed degree and/or confirmed by discussion and observable example. It is preferable that this education and/or experience include work in hermeneutics and the exegesis of scripture.
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration, management, or a related field; or at least the equivalent in relevant professional experience.
Experience and Attributes:
  • Clear call to full-time ministry
  • Abilities, gifts, and behaviors consistent with Biblical requirements for an Elder/Pastor
  • Demonstratable in-depth knowledge of scripture and Christian doctrine
  • Clearly articulated personal testimony consistent with Faith Bible Church beliefs
  • Proven mentoring and Biblical counseling skills
  • Ability to teach and preach
  • Demonstratable leadership skills
  • Experience in team leading
  • Willingness to delegate and release responsibilities to foster the development of others
  • Ability to interact effectively with paid and volunteer staff, and with third-party partners
  • Proven record in team development and unity

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