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Wednesday Nights

Join our upcoming Wednesday night study!

Begins January 16
6:40 - 8:00 pm • Room 1

What could be more important than loving your children like Jesus and pointing them to the wisdom of the Bible? Dr. Paul David Tripp, author of multiple books on raising children, will guide you through 4 life-changing lessons in his video-driven series called Parenting. He begins with common distractions that take your focus off of your primary calling and continues with finding your identity in Christ rather than in your children. Tripp also discusses what it means and how to express grace-based authority in the home and finishes with helping you prepare your children for the war against sin by helping them understand the desires of their hearts. This study is facilitated by Tom and Lori Teckmeyer and will follow the AWANA schedule.

Books are provided. No sign up necessary.