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Interested in joining a Sunday School class? Here's what we have available:

2 Chronicles

9:00am in the Conference Room, Led by Darryl DeGraff

The sweep of the Chronicler's record is from Adam to Cyrus. God created man to worship and serve Him, and to rule over His creation, and to commune with Him in a place He had prepared. The record tells the story of those who were faithless to the Lord's intentions and did not seek Him, and also of those who were faithful and sought Him with all their heart.

For the Chronicler, preeminent among the faithful is David, a man after God's own heart, appointed by the Lord to rule his people, in his place. This David serves as a figure of the divine priest-king to come—Jesus the Messiah. Between the two there are many kings. How do they stack up?

Legends & Legacies: Bridging the Gaps

10:30am in Room H, Led by Chuck Myers

This class will go hand-in-hand with Pastor Tom's new sermon series Legends & Legacies. We'll bridge the gaps between the major Old Testament characters featured in the sermon series and see God's unfolding story of the Old Testament and how it points to Christ.

Wellspring: Identity Matters, A Study of Colossians (For Women)

10:30am in Room K, Team Led

In Christ our identity matters—we have a new identity—an identity that depends on who God says we are. Knowing and believing who we are in Christ frees us to live life as God intended it to be lived. Join us as we study Colossians. We will look closely at who Christ is and who we (His Church and His people) are when we are found to be in Him. In the process, we hope to settle matters of identity once and for all!